Event Roster

Elementary Syllabus Events 

Elementary Syllabus International Waltz

Elementary Syllabus American Swing

Elementary Syllabus Newcomer American Cha-Cha

Elementary Syllabus Samba

Junior High Syllabus Events

Junior High Syllabus International Waltz

Junior High Syllabus Newcomer American Cha-Cha

Junior High Syllabus Samba

Junior High Syllabus American Swing

High School Syllabus Events

High School Syllabus International Quickstep

High School Syllabus Newcomer American Cha-Cha

High School Syllabus Rumba

High School Syllabus American Swing

Pre-Teen Events

Pre-Teen I &II Champ Ballroom W/T/VW/F/Q

Pre-Teen I&II Champ Latin CC/S/R/PD/J

Junior Events

Junior I&II Pre-Champ Latin CC/S/R

Junior I&II Pre-Champ Ballroom W/T/Q

Junior I&II Pre-Champ Smooth W/T/F

Junior I&II Pre-Champ Rhythm CC/SW/M

Junior 1 Champ Latin CC/S/R/PD/J

Junior 1 Champ Smooth W/T/F/VW

Junior 1 Champ Ballroom W/T/VW/F/Q

Junior 2 Champ Latin CC/S/R/PD/J

Junior 2 Champ Smooth W/T/F/VW

Junior 2 Champ Ballroom W/T/VW/F/Q

Youth Events

Youth Pre-Champ Rhythm CC/SW/M

Youth Pre-Champ Smooth W/T/F

Youth Champ Smooth W/T/F/VW

Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom W/T/Q

Youth Champ Ballroom W/T/VW/F/Q

Youth Pre-Champ Latin CC/S/R

Youth Champ Latin CC/S/R/PD/J

Adult Amateur Events

Adult Amateur Novice Smooth W/F

Adult Amateur Pre-Champ Smooth W/T/F

Adult Amateur Champ Smooth W/T/F/VW

Adult Amateur Novice Latin S/R

Adult Amateur Pre-Champ Latin CC/S/R

Adult Amateur Champ Latin CC/S/R/PD/J

Adult Amateur Novice Ballroom W/Q

Adult Amateur Pre-Champ Ballroom W/T/Q

Adult Amateur Champ Ballroom W/T/VW/F/Q

Adult Amateur Novice/Pre-Champ Rhythm CC/M

Adult Amateur Champ Rhythm CC/R/SW/B/M

Adult Cabaret

New this year we are adding more events.

Formation Team Showdance Event – Contact organizer for details.

Solo Star Individual Dancer Events

Elementary Junior High and High School syllabus Cha-cha

Elementary Junior High and High School Syllabus Swing

Junior High Syllabus Waltz and Samba

High School Syllabus Quickstep and Rumba