About Us

The Freedom Open Competition was approved as an NDCA All-Amateur authorized event in 2019. Our first inaugural competition was held in Oct. 2020 in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. We were thrilled to be able to host a competition that year and are excited to continue again this year.

The Freedom Open Competition was started to support the local ballroom community and the Freedom Academy Ballroom Dance Program. The Freedom Ballroom Program offers kids ages elementary through high school the option to learn to Ballroom Dance in school. The Dance program at Freedom provides kids with the opportunity to develop an appreciation for ballroom dance, to develop social skills, and to be engaged in an enjoyable and worthwhile physical activity.

Funds from this competition will be donated to Freedom Academy’s Ballroom Program to help the teachers by providing them with the necessary tools to build a successful program within the school system. 

We hope you enjoy this event. Thank you for your support of the Freedom Open Dancesport Competition and the Ballroom Community in Utah.


Freedom Open Dancesport