Safety Guidelines/Requirements

Please find below the list of safety measures we are implementing. We encourage everyone attending to follow these guidlines to make sure your experience at Freedom Open Dancesport is as enjoyable and as safe as possible!

  1. All competitors/spectators will be required to wear a mask and social distance as much as possible at all times while in the event venue. Family groups sitting together must social distance at least 6 feet from other family groups.
  2. Competitors will be allowed to take the mask off while on the dance floor dancing, but must replace the mask when off of the floor.
  3. All competitors and spectators will be required to sign a waiver to attend this event.
  4. Due to room capacity limits, competitors will only be allowed to enter one age level.
  5. Competitors will be allowed to have one parent/guardian attend the event with them. Pre-teen Competitors will be allowed to have 2 parents/guardians attend with them.
  6. Due to capacity limits spectators are limited. Once all competitors and parent/guardians have purchased admission tickets any remaining tickets will become available. Ticket purchases will only be sold online before the event.
  7. All competitors should come ready to dance in costume. There will be limited use of locker rooms. You will not be able to leave anything in the locker rooms. All personal belonging must stay with you.
  8. There will be specific entrance and exit doors.
  9. Cleaning/sanitizing will occur in-between sessions.
  10. If you are sick or have any symptoms you will not be allowed to attend this event.
  11. If you are at an increased health risk for any reason, please consider staying home and watching the event via the live stream. Dance Perfect will be our live stream provider. If you would like to attend please contact us with any special requirements of needs that you may have. We would be happy to accommodate any needs you have.